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Other Ways to Give

Olive Tree

Purchasing a leaf on the olive tree near the entrance to the Madge Rothschild Resource Center is the newest way to recognize an important person or significant occasion while also supporting the Temple. Leaves are $180 each and may be personalized with three or four lines to highlight a life-cycle event, anniversary, or special kindness. Proceeds benefit the Resource Center. 

Click here for the order form. 

The olive tree was chosen as the symbol because it embodies peace, light, fruitfulness, longevity, beauty, and endurance. An olive branch, a well-known symbol of peace, was brought to Noah after the flood. During ancient times, olive oil was used to light the menorah in the Temple in Jerusalem to anoint the high priests. In modern times, many Jews still use olive oil to kindle the lights during Hanukkah. Please contact the Temple office at (260) 744-4245 or for more information.

Tree of Life

The handsome Tree of Life plaque that formerly was displayed at Congregation B’nai Jacob now has a new home outside the Sanctuary at Achduth Vesholom.

First installed at B’nai Jacob’s building on Fairfield and later at its home on Bittersweet Moors Drive, the 9-foot-wide piece features brass leaves engraved with important moments in the lives of congregants.

Leaves on the Tree of Life may be purchased for $180 each, with proceeds going toward programming and lifelong learning. 

Click here for order form.


And You Shall Be A Blessing Quilt

A quilted wall hanging in the Social Hall celebrates special moments in the lives of Temple members. It features a large swath of fabric in beautiful blue hues and contains Stars of David embroidered with congregants’ simchas.

Commemorate an anniversary, wedding, birthday, b’nei mitzvah, graduation, or other happy event by purchasing a large or small star for $360 or $180. Consider honoring a child, grandchild, spouse, family member or friend. Purchases benefit the Temple’s Endowment Fund.  Order forms are available in the Temple office. Thank you for your support of this lasting tribute to memorable and joyous occasions.

Digital Yahrzeit Plaques

The Temple added a new digital yahrzeit display in fall 2021 to provide a special way to remember our loved ones and continue the Jewish tradition of observing the anniversary of their passing.

The display uses an interactive platform that features a digital “plaque” that includes the individual’s name and date of death, as well as a touchscreen to find a personalized page with biographic information and photos. Fill out the Memorial Plaque form online  or print a copy. 

Yahrzeit names for a given week are highlighted, along with a search option to locate information at other times. This platform not only allows our Temple family to memorialize loved ones, but also enables us to learn more about these individuals.

Digital yahrzeit plaques are available for $500 each, with proceeds going to the Temple’s Endowment. 

Please contact the Temple office at (260) 744-4245 or with any questions.  Find out more

Temple’s Endowment Fund

The Temple’s Endowment Fund was established years ago by foresighted members who wanted to help ensure the financial future of the congregation. Earnings from the Endowment Fund cover a large portion of the Temple’s budget. Contact the Temple office for more information.