Candidates for Temple Board 2017-2018

Congratulations to our new officers and trustees for the 2017-2018 fiscal year, beginning July 1. 



Ellen Tom (two-year term ending 2019)

Officers - a one-year term ending in June 2018:

VP Programs:
Betsy Gephart

VP Finance:
Steve Zacher

Scott Goldberg

Kathy Sider

Immediate Past President:
Joe Cohen (serves a one-year term ending 2018)

Trustees (2-year term ending in June 2019):

Jessica Ash

Jamie Berger

Denny Reynolds

John Stein

Wendi Wallet

Beth Zweig

Trustee (1-year term ending June 2018):

Yavin Bamnolkar

(Not up for Re-election; currently serving 2-year term ending in June 2018):

Talia Bugel

Steve Carr

Elissa Cohen

Leah Hadashi

Rich Manalis

Members in good standing will vote at the Annual Meeting on June 14. Thank you to the Board Development Committee for putting together the slate: Kathy Sider (Chair), Jamie Berger, Mike Rush, John Stein, and Beth Zweig.

Meet Our President
Welcome to Congregation Achduth Vesholom ("Unity and Peace"). As the only Reform congregation in northeast Indiana, we welcome all those in our area interested in learning about and becoming involved in our activities. Our religious services blend respect for tradition with an openness to new spiritual approaches.
Since its founding in 1848, the Temple has remained committed to realizing and making relevant ancient ideals through the prism of contemporary times. We serve the greater community through many social action initiatives and over the course of our long history have built important bridges among a diverse array of civic, religious, cultural, and governmental institutions. We also are excited about the Rifkin Campus at 5200 and the new Madge Rothschild Resource Center. We encourage you to contact us for more information, visit our facility, and become a part of our Temple family.
I look forward to developing broader relationships with our members as Temple president and welcoming new members to our congregational family.
Thank you for this opportunity.
Joe Cohen

Board of Directors 2016-2017


Joe Cohen*

Vice President Programs:
Beth Zweig*

Vice President Finance:
Steve Zacher*

Irv Adler*

Ronnie Greenberg*


Talia Bugel**
Steve Carr**
Elissa Cohen**
Betsy Gephart
Scott Goldberg**
Leonard Goldstein*
Leah Hadashi**
Rich Manalis**
Yoko Rudolph*
Mike Rush*
Kathy Sider*
Ellen Tom

*Term ends June 30, 2017
**Term ends June 30, 2018